The MTC Experience

Sept 10th
First Day
It was hard saying goodbye to my family but I’m over it. Not even the
slightest homesick. Classes are a little boring but I know I’m going
to have a blast. My companion is a little weird but I love him and I
love my roommates. This is going to be fun.

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Sept 11th
Let Down
I’m seriously loving the MTC. I love the people, I love my companion,
I love the environment, I hate the food, & I love sitting in a
classroom all day (not). One of my favorite things to do is read
letters while I eat candy. I also love feeling the spirit non-stop.
Well anyways why I was let down was because I wasn’t District leader
and my companion is…. but I’m over it.


Sept 12th
Today me and my companion got to teach our first investigator (Shawn)
and it went super well. He committed to baptism and told us he was
going to start reading the BOM and praying. Why the title is LOL is
because today during gym we were playing volleyball and some huge guy
spiked the volleyball as hard as he could and it nailed my companion
in the face. I peed my pants I was laughing so hard. He had it comin
though. He’s been bossy ever since he became “district leader” but I
still love him and we make a good team.

Sept 13th
So much yet so Little
Well me and this Elder named Elder Matonzi became great friends. He’s
from Africa so I call him Rafiki and we speak Swahili to each other.
On the other hand todays been super long and me and my companion
aren’t getting along so good. I’ve gotten 4 packages while other
missionaries have got none. Yet I feel kinda empty and alone. Whatevs.


Sept 14th
Saw emma today and gave her a huge hug even tho she tried to resist it
because it “wasn’t aloud”. Lol at Emma and her rules. Well I’ve had a
total change of heart tonight. I was so focused on myself and why I
was having a hard time yesterday that I forgot the whole reason I’m
here at the MTC. The reason behind the change of heart was a talk that
I watched by Elder David A. Bednar called “Character of Christ”. It
was a talk he gave in the MTC a couple years ago and its totally
changed my perspective on everything. Its the first talk ever that I
wasn’t once distracted in. On top of that it was an hour and a half
long which is seriously a miracle that I could focus that long. It
talked about how man always turns in to himself while Christ always
turns out to look for ways to help others. My mission is NOT about me
and I need to remember that. Definitely my new favorite talk.

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Sept 15th
Personal Revelation
P-day today! So I got to go to the temple and do endowments but when
my group and I got to the temple I realized I forgot my temple
recommend… so my companion and I walked all the way back to the room
and all the way back to the temple to find that our group had already
gone into a session. So my companion and I went to the next session,
in which, my great grandma just happened to be in *MIRACLE*. I also taught a maybe real investigator called a TRC with my companion today and it was so hard. She was Muslim so she didn’t seem interested in anything we had to say. After we taught, me and my companion prayed for revelation on what we should teach Carla
(the investigator) next! Instead of receiving revelation about Carla
after the prayer I got a quick impression to write my thoughts in a
notepad. It felt like I wasn’t controlling my hand as it wrote “Become
united with your companion through your investigator.” This had been
an answer to my prayers. My companion and I had been fighting all day
and I was about ready to give up trying to be his friend. Not only did
this answer my prayer about how to deal with my companion but it also
answered my prayer about how I was going to teach my investigator next
time. We must work as a team to bring her unto Christ.

Sept 16th
Richard G. Scott
Well my goal was too write half a page in my journal every night but
I’ve just been having too much fun and too many spiritual experiences
to just write half a page. To start off my crazy night Richard G.
Scott gave a great talk that he spake AT OUR DEVOTIONAL! It was so
cool and you could just feel the spirit right when he walked into the
room. After that our district went back to our classroom and had the
counselor of the Branch Pres and his wife come and talk to us. We
talked about Elder Scotts talk and about the blessings that come
from serving a mission. The spirit was SO strong as we were all
sharing what we learned from the talk. I realized then in that moment
that I needed to write down the feelings I got when I knew the
spirit was touching my heart because I’ve never really understood when
I’m feeling the spirit and when I’m not. I came to the conclusion
that: peace is something I feel when I have the spirit because I’m not
worrying or mad about anything, Concentration is something I don’t
normally have but when I feel the spirit from someone’s teachings or
from something I’m reading or thinking and my mind is 100% focused on
that, but most of all when I feel the holy ghost I feel love. I feel
loved, I feel love for others, I feel love for God. With these three
things I’ll be able to know distinct fully when i’m feeling the holy
ghost and when I’m not. After classroom my district and I went to a
picnic table outside the building and talked about spiritual things
and had a real heart to heart with everyone. There was so much love at
the table that any anger that you might of had for someone was
instantly dropped. We are so united as a district now and I’m so
grateful for that. Also my zone leader had a super bad anxiety attack
and is being send home so we are fasting for him tomorrow.


Sept 17
New Bee’s
Well like I said I fasted all day till dinner than I ate like three
trays full of food. TRC bailed on us cuz “sick” and I almost cried cuz
of that 😥 Also the new peeps moved in next door cuz its Wednesday and
they’re alright. Boring day.

Sept 18
Either Hotter girls are coming into the MTC or my mind is playing
tricks on me because the ugly girls are becoming hotter (also know as
the mermaid effect in the MTC). Anyways didn’t do much today but we
taught Carla (our TRC) and it was so awkward, yet she asked questions
that we didn’t know how to answer so now we know what to study and
teach her next time.


Sept 19
Spirit 1, Carla 1
So I talked with a British accent for half the day and all theses
girls started taking interest in me. It stared as a joke but then I
realized all the attention I was getting so now I might make this a
permanent thing. Really you can be whoever you want here and people
will believe it. Also we had Poppa Jones pizza for dinner which is the
most real food I’ve had all week. Anyways on a spiritual level we
taught Carla again tonight and it went AMAZING! We spent like 30 min
just talking about movies & stuff so I built a friendship with her and
then spent 15 min answering her questions. It was short, spiritual,
and powerful. There was not a question that wasn’t answered by the end
of the night. I felt the spirit directing me while I taught and she
said it was all making sense now. I asked her for her email so I could
keep in touch with her while I was on my mission and she had this
shocked look on her face. I think this whole time all these other
missionaries have been using her as an object to practice teaching the
gospel too when really all she wants is someone to actually care for
her. She said shes happy and excited that I’m going to make the time
and effort to talk to her. She better not be a fake investigator or
I’ll be pissed. Today I learned to “teach people, not lessons” and I
feel I did that tonight.

Sept 20
Wow this week really went by quickly. it seems like yesterday I went
into the MTC but in less than 30 hours I’ll be on a plane to NY. I’m
going to miss the MTC. I loved my teachers, the lessons, my district,
but most of all… being an all-star at volleyball. Who knew one of my
hidden talents was volleyball. Anyways I’m just having a blast here
and I don’t want to leave. I’m really going to miss my friend Elder
Apoloster and Rafiki. I feel like we’ve become great friends and
they’re going to do great things in the mission field in Oakland
California. Anyways its been a great ordinary day.

10704108_1484415355145147_1313557909562213086_n 10698676_1484415558478460_1601700220800154871_n 1779095_1484409685145714_8394644472404052899_n

Sept 21
the hardest goodbye I have to say tonight is too all the food and
treats that I got in packages. I’ve gotten 6 packages and only 1 was
from my family… So Sad )’: a lot has happened today and it started
with a fun rainy temple walk with my district, than we went to
sacrament meeting and than right before sacrament started the Brach
Pres asked me to give a talk in sacrament meeting… so in a panic I
quickly prepared a talk and I was so scared. Rafiki told me he counted
that I said “um” 27 times…whatevs. To finish off the night we
watched a video on a MTC talk that Elder Holland gave on thanksgiving
in 2012 and it was almost if not as good as the talk we heard from
Elder Bednar called “Character of Christ”. Look both of them up right
now. Well I’m sad to say goodbye to everyone but I’m more excited to
say hello to Rochester and becoming a missionary in action. Anyways
I’d love to keep writing but I got plane to catch at 3:30 in the
morning! So next time I write in my journal it will be in Rochester! PEACE

1888439_1484415575145125_8668035739537102185_n 10425077_1484415365145146_8315782796355164766_n 10355745_1484409881812361_3176324780464544335_n


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