Week 1, ASL Brighton Area

Sept 22
The Life
Wow, is all I can say. Rochester is better than I could imagine. I
know that Rochester is where I am meant to be. The best way to
describe the smell here is smelling the outside of a fresh cold red
apple. Right when the plane landed we met the mission pres and went
straight to his house to eat a pasta dinner. The mish pres and his
wife are probably the nicest people I have ever met. I’m going to fit
in well here. I’m so excited to get out and start teaching. The AP’s
(assistance to the mission pres) keep telling us all the stories of
their experiences in Rochester and I just can’t wait to just get out
and start teaching tomorrow.


Sept 23
1st full day
Probably could say the best day of my life. Started off by going to
all the church history sites and the Sacred Grove which is now my new
fav place to go on this earth. It’s so peaceful and you can feel the
spirit SO strong! After that we got to meet up with most of the
missionaries from the Rochester mission and I’ll just add that people
were right when they said that they send the prettiest sister
missionaries here… Like wow. But the coolest part was meeting my
companion. He’s super cool. They also announced
that we were serving in the Rochester East ASL mission… yeah I said
it. ASL MISSION! I couldn’t even believe my ears when he said it! The
Lord gave me everything I could of asked for while on a mission. I
seriously am on cloud 9 right now. After that us and a bunch of
missionaries went and got one of Rochester’s famous “garbage plates”
in celebration which was actually super delicious. Then we went to our
apartment to unpack and its huge! AND the only ones staying in it are
me and my companion which means partay! To finish off the night we met
some of our very friendly investigators then headed with our 2
companionship district to this cool lookout place over Rochester where
we all watched the sunset and took pictures. Super great day and I’m
excited too see what’s in store for me tomorrow.


Sept 24
Part 2
Well last night me and my companion stayed up till 2 am just talking
about everything. I can tell we are going to be great friends for
life. So we woke up at 5:30 this morning to play some BBall so I’ve
been running on pretty much 3 1/2 hours or sleep. Also I found out
that all they do is play basketball here which the only sport I don’t
play…. Crap. Well the 1st investigators house we went to today was a
deaf older ladies house with her 2 deaf friends. It was such a cool
experience watching my companion bear his testimony in ASL and its my
new goal to learn to do that and also pray in ASL. Also, tonight we
ate at a “members” house and I put quotes around member because he
showed us all the tattoos he had and then pointed to this picture of
this dark fairy thing and he said that he wanted that picture tattooed
all on his back. He has epilepsy so I guess it makes more sense but
it’s just kinda freaky because his house is covered in pictures, statues,
and books of fairy tale creatures. His name is Brian and he’s a nice
guy, but he made me a grilled cheese for dinner that was cooked to a
charcoal and had 5 slices of “different kinds of cheese” in it.
Probably the hardest thing I’ve had to choke down.


Sept 25
Companion Love
My companion tho… He’s a stud. He’s so into getting out there and
doing the work of the lord and that’s exactly what I want to do. I
seriously don’t know what I did to get a companion that has the same
attributes and goals that I do but I know that we’re going to work
hard and have a blast while doing it. My companion tho also needs to
pee at least once an hour I swear ha so that’s that I guess. I also
got to eat New York pizza for dinner today which was super delicious
AND said a prayer in ASL at a Deaf investigators house. It was a neat
experience and the investigators was an old man named Edgar, he’s
quite the character.

Sept 26
Oh Grandma
Today was kind of a disappointing day. No one answered the doors when
we knocked and no one texted us back when we texted them. The people
here are so flakey… Oh, one cool thing we did was run into a grandma
that was a little nuts in the brain while getting off an elevator and
she said that she’d been looking for the church for years now and it
was an answer to her prayers when she found us. This would be an
awesome experience but she told us it was because she needed more
“food stamps” …yup.

Sept 27
Old Japanese couple
Today started by helping the Ship’s (our neighbors) move out… Which
we found out after we helped them move that their kids had a virus
called hand, foot, mouth? Which is suppose to be super contagious and
on top of that we found out that they had bed bugs. Nasty. After we helped
them move we met up with this young college Deaf kid named Joseph. He
was way cool but my companion didn’t translate what Joseph was signing
so I felt awkward and excluded just sitting there, but it’s alright.
After that we went and had dinner at the Howells house and they’re
family contained 5 young boys which was a hassle but the youngest one
was 5 years old, looked and acted just liked Charlie, and was named
Adam Charles Howell. I had to hold myself back from just wanting to
hug this little boy. I miss my Char-buckets. After that we met two of
the nicest Deaf people I’ve ever met. They were this old Japanese
couple that have been taking missionary discussions for 3 years! The
grandma kept signing to me that I was a beautiful Mormon. They’ve had
a bad experience with religion before where the Jehovah’s Witnesses
screwed them over for a lot of money so that’s why they are so shaky
on being baptized. Well it’s a new goal of mine to baptize this old
Japanese couple whether they like it or not.


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