Week 3, ASL Brighton Area

Oct 5th                                                                                                                                             General conference pt 2                                                                                                                       Great talks. I’m starting to grow such an appreciation for conference talks which I thought would never happen haha just because they would bore me out of my mind before the mission. M. Russell Ballard said that the words spoken in General Conference are literally the words of God which I’ve never really gave much thought to before. I mean if God was talking to you, you would treasure up every word he says to you so why not treasure up all the words in general conference as if God was literally saying it to your face? Amos 3:7

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

Also note to self: listen to the talk given by Richard G. Scott when I have the family.

Oct 6th
P-day is P-day
Spent half my P-day helping a Deaf lady move out which was cool
because I got to meet some super cool Elders from Pittsford who helped
her move out also. Also tonight we start exchanges so I’m staying over
at Elders Scott’s apartment. Tomorrow is going to be new and
interesting because me and Elder Scott don’t get along so well. Let’s
see what happens.

Oct 7th
The Exchange
Holy crap today’s been awesome. I thought it would suck because Elder
Scott is the worst but we had a blast. We biked all day which was a
first but it was super good weather outside and we met so many new
people because of it! First thing we did after studies and lunch was
go to Dunkin Donuts to use their wifi for Internet proselyting. We sat
there for about an hour or so and we were just about to leave Dunkin
Donuts when all the sudden a BBM (Big Black Mama) busted through the
front doors cussing like a sailor because she got “shizzy service in
the drive through” but replace the “z’s” with “t’s”. She was dressed
like Sharpay off of High School musical with her hot pink hat, purse,
sunglasses, and outfit. She started screaming at this other black
chick that was an employ there and started calling her “ghetto” and
“pancake booty” and other insults that I’ve never heard been said or
should ever repeat. Everyone was trying not to burst out laughing at
this BBM because they knew if they did they’d prolly get eatin alive.
After that fun experience we rode our bikes into they city and talked
to a ton of people. One of which was this older black lady who had a
little shitzu that was connected to a leash she was holding onto.
Anyways while we were trying to talk to this lady her dog kept trying
to run away at random moments and this grandma didn’t have the
strength to hold this little dog back so what she did was when ever
the dog would try to run away she would slap it with this fly swatter
she had. It was a constant battle between this old lady
and her dog and I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing. In the
end this dog yanked the leash out of her hands and made a run for it.
We probably should have helped her catch it but that lady was abusing
that animal so we let it be free. Later that night we went to an
appointment at Brother and Sister Seircey’s house to meet with this
other black lady and her 9-year-old son. Elder Scott told me right
before we went into the house that I was teaching her the lesson of
the Plan of Salvation which was scary for me because Elder Longhurst
and I usually teach Deaf people and I’m terrible at signing so really
just Elder Longhurst teaches. So this was my first time teaching and
in control of the lesson and it went a ton better than I thought it
was going to be! Bro & Sis Seircey had a lot of good inputs which
helped a ton and by the end of the lesson we asked if and when she
wanted to be baptize. She excitedly responded back that she wanted to
be baptized by the end of the week! We laughed really hard and then
realized she was being serious. We quickly explained to her that it
would take time for her to learn all the lessons and to fully
understand the importance of baptism. She understood and moved her
date to Nov. 1st! During that lesson we all felt the spirit so strong
touch all of our hearts and afterwards me and Elder Scott finished the
day off in celebration by getting some New York pizza.

085 084

Oct 8th
Meet the Mormons
This morning we got to watch the movie “Meet the Mormons” which was an
awesome experience. It had me laughing at the beginning and then crying
at the end. It definitely is a new favorite movie. After that we
grabbed some lunch at this delicious sub sandwich place where me and
my companion ended up getting in this fight. When you spend 24/7 hours
with one person the littlest things about them start to bug you and
then it builds up till you explode and that’s what happened here. I
never realized how hard it is to have a companion but I think it’s
good practice before marriage. Me being a little stubborn person went
to a Deaf appointment after lunch and I didn’t sign or look at my
companion once cuz I was so angry. Anyways it was something super
stupid to get In a fight about and later we talked about it and
resolved everything. We came to the agreement that we would
communicate better between each other so that those little things
don’t build up again. My day was quickly turned around when I got home
later that night and saw that I received a package from the Monson
Family ❤

Oct 9th
Hiding Brian’s Magazines
Today’s been just awesome. I don’t know why I’ve been so happy but I
think it’s because I’ve been praying more often today and I’ve been
feeling the comfort of the Holy Ghost. We taught and investigator that
I met once before named Manny. Manny is a young dude that wants to
turn his life around so we taught the Restoration to him to begin with
and he was very understanding and the spirit was so strong. In the end
we asked Manny to be Baptized and he said yes before we even finished
asking the question! As to now we have Baptismal dates for October 25,
November 1, November 8, and November 15 for four different people!!
Not to shabby if I do say so myself. The Rochester mission is also
known for barely getting any baptisms so hopefully we can change that
up. Later that night we headed over to Brian’s house who tried to make
us eat these nasty hamburgers that he mixed chili powder, cheese, bbq
sauce, ketchup, and who knows what in the meat so that “we wouldn’t
have to put any toppings on it”. It was after we already ate dinner
and we told him that but he still insisted we eat these hamburgers, So
we pretended to eat it but really just ripped pieces off and threw in
in the trash can. After this we tried teaching Brian the law of
Chastity which ended up being the most awkward lesson of my life. He
confessed to doing all this dirty stuff he does which we told him not
to share with us but he did anyways. Then he told us to go check out
this super cool picture hanging in his room that he was very proud of
and so we did and it was this almost naked vampire chick. We also saw
porn magazines on his night stand so we quickly threw the magazines
under his bed… I mean he’s got his agency to choose and all but it’s
alright to help him out a little right?

Oct 10th
The Haircut
So my brilliant companion Elder Longhurst decided that one side of his
head was “puffier” than the other so he thought he could just fix that
problem with scissors and 5 min in the bathroom. When he asked me to
come and check it for him I fell to the ground laughing my head off.
He had cut a hug bald spot in his head! Right now he is currently
super angry at me and buzzing his head. Lol highlight of my day.

096 098 099107

Oct 11th
The Book of Mormon Musical
So apparently Rochester has a giant musical theater and the musical
“The Book of Mormon” just came into town. Who knew. Anyways we were
told to stand outside when the musical was over and pass out pamphlets
and stuff and it was actually a super cool experience. A ton of people
wanted to know more about the BOM and had tons of questions for us.
There were some girls that even asked for an autograph and a picture
with us! I think they thought we were the missionaries in the musical
but it felt good to be famous for a little so we went along with it.
After everyone cleared we went around back of the theater and caught
up with the peeps in the play! One lady in the musical even gave us a
tour of the sage and set and stuff. In the end we gave her and this
other guy that played “Elder Price” in the musical a BOM with our
testimonies in it.  Super cool people. Awesome day.

133 132


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