Week 6, ASL Brighton Area

Oct 26th
Sunday’s are definitely fun-days while on a mission. I love to talk
with all the members and see how they’re doing and when a new
investigator comes to church that’s a dream come true. No
investigators showed today which is fine but disappointing because we
invited like 5 people. Whatevs, it’s their salvation. Later we went to
the stake presidents house for dinner and I found out that President
Jensen and his wife have been to Kenya which was super cool because we
had so much to talk about. After dinner we got a call from the Genesio
Elders saying that someone in the hospital needed a priesthood
blessing which is freaky because this hospital is prepared for Ebola
patients and I’ve heard that the patient in NY that has Ebola is in
this hospital. All the missionaries are all freaking out about Ebola
and with my luck I’ll probably end up with it. Anyways this guy in the
hospital that called for us ended up being some pastor for a different
church but he said that when he got sick that his church got a new
pastor and forgot all about him. He said not one person from his
church has visited him. It was pretty sad, he was almost in tears.
Then he asked us for a priesthood blessing because he said he saw some
sort of power or light in us. He also said he has always believed in
“Mormonism” but he was skeptical of joining because he heard stuff
like when we go through the temple that we strip naked and people rub
us down with holy oil and that we were a cult and other stuff. We
laughed and explained about our church and gave him a priesthood
blessing. It was all good.Oct 27th
So I just found out I’m suppose to be emailing my mission president
every P-day. It’s embarrassing if I do it now though because if I do
he’ll see that I haven’t emailed him in 6 weeks… Oh well. Also today
we found out that Elder Minaga is actually leaving Monday morning next
week so we won’t get another P-day with him )’: sad day.

Oct 28th
Warning: may cause depression if read
You know you’re doing something wrong if ALL your appointments fall
through and EVERY house you knock at turns you down… Even dinner
fell through )’: one guy that we met last week was while tracking was
super nice to us and he looked interested so he told us to come back
next week so we did today and right when he opened the door he told us
he wasn’t interested than slammed the door in our faces. This feeling
of rejection and heartbreak is worse than any break up with a girl
I’ve ever gone through… Sucky day.

Oct 29th
So remember that super golden guy named Manny that had a baptismal
date and seemed super interested in the church? Yeah… he’s gay. We
called his brother this morning to see if he was with Manny because
Manny never answers his phone and his brother told us that Manny has
been staying over at his boyfriend’s house the past couple nights.
Almost started crying when I heard this, Manny was so golden. Whatevs
I’m over it. Yania today though apparently ordered some missionary
name tags for herself because she wants to be a missionary with all
her heart. We told her the life of a missionary and how it’s super
hard but she was willing to do whatever to be a sister missionary. Oh
Yania… Anyways we also got to visit Edgar, the old deaf inactive
member, and he’s always fun to talk too. He was telling us how he
thinks Jesus likes to have fun and in the Bible it never talks about
that. He even stood up at one point and pretended to wrestle Jesus and
it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. As we were leaving
Edgar handed me a huge bag of nuts just because he knew I was allergic
to Peanuts. He thinks he’s so funny.

Oct 30th
Temple Trip
Wow such a great day. Tonight we had the opportunity to do some
endowments at the Palmyra Temple and it’s just beautiful. It’s the
tiniest temple I have ever seen but the windows of the temple are all
stain glass of trees representing the Sacred Grove. It also has a
beautiful view from one of the windows of the Sacred Grove! Our plan
was do the 6 o’clock session but traffic was terrible so we missed it
and went to the 7:30 session instead. In the mean time though we got
to go to the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cumorah which was neat. At the
temple I gave a lot of thought to how I was so blessed to be born into
the church. Seeing all the different religions and confusion down here
makes me glad that I’m not part of that. You see people everywhere in
the streets holding up signs saying “you’re going to hell” and
“damnation or salvation?” And they all are trying to get you to join
there church. I see why people in Rochester are either really
dedicated to their church or they want nothing to do with religion at

212Oct 31st
Today was a pretty normal Friday until we got to dinner. We had dinner
at a members apartment named Emma Mcelveen. The apartment which Emma
lived at was called the Pinical Place, a.k.a. governmental housing,
a.k.a. Nut house. Some missionaries even call this apartment “the
great and spacious building” because it’s 40 stories high and it’s
this old ugly concrete building. Anyways Emma is this black 80 year
old grandma that has a thick southern accent. Right when we walked
into her apartment building we heard the song “Latch” and we thought
it was like background music for the lobby and stuff. As we got closer
to Emma’s room we realized the music was getting louder and louder
till we found out this music was actually coming from Emma’s room! She
had this song on full volume coming from the subs she had. When she
let us in her room we asked her why her music was so loud and she told
us she likes to “drop it like its hot” then she blasted the music
again to show us her moves. Out of pure confusion and awkwardness me
and my companion started dancing with her. It was one of the weirdest
funniest moments of my life. When we were finished with our party we
sat down to have a meal of buffalo wings and French fries. Super
awesome dinner. After Emma’s dinner we went to district meeting and
practiced the musical number for Chantels baptism tomorrow. Chantel is
one of the Spanish elders investigators and she is sooo golden. She
has seen the impact the gospel has made on her life and she can’t get
enough of it. I’m very excited for her baptism tomorrow.

208Nov 1st
Chantels baptism
Chantels baptism was awesome. She was so excited to be baptized and
you could feel the Holy Ghost so strong during the talks and stuff. Us
missionaries did a musical number also and it wasn’t half bad. After
the baptism we went and visited our deaf friend Lashanda who will be
getting baptized soon. While we were signing with her and stuff some
Muslim deaf guy approached us and started asking us questions. I could
not understand his signing so I just stayed out of the conversation
but Elder Longhurst and him were signing back and forth and it looked
like it was getting heated. It was a neat experience to watch. Anyways
we also had dinner at the Searcy’s house and we brought an
investigator name Alicia who was the one that came with us to the Trunk
or Treat party about a week ago. We found out Alicia was like the
president of the Bible something team which was scary because I don’t
know my bible too well but in the end we watched the restoration clip
and she told us she would start reading the BOM again. Alicia is
awesome and I’m excited to see things progress with her.


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