Week 7, ASL Brighton Area

Nov 2nd
No hablo Español?
Edgar came to church today which I got really excited about because I
haven’t seen him at church while I’ve been here. Edgar being the joker
he is kept making fun of how my suit was too small for me, I would
only laugh because ever time he would make that joke (because he did
it a couple of times throughout church) he would laugh super hard and
when deaf people laugh it’s hilarious. So he would laugh at his joke
and I would laugh at his laugh, it was funny! Also
towards the end of church some guy from the bishopric pulled us out of
Elders quorum and told us that Yania had taken a taxi here and then
jumped out and ran into the church without paying for it. This guy
said that he had to pay for it which was fine but he wanted us to
explain to Yania why she couldn’t do that. We signed with Yania about
it and she seemed to understand that she can’t take a taxi to church
anymore but guarantee she’ll do it again sometime soon. After church
we went to a Spanish devotional for an hour an a half to show support
to the Spanish Elders who put this all together which was probably
the most boring thing I’ve ever been too because I know 0% Spanish and
it was all in Spanish. Later that night we all had a big meeting for
our dinner schedules for this month and they came to the conclusion
that all member meals are going to be canceled because they want to
focus on us eating at inactive members houses only. I’m going to

Nov 3rd
Bye Minaga…
This morning we had to say goodbye to someone in our district because
he was a Visa waiter and he got his Visa so now he’s taking off to
Argentina this morning. It pretty much ruined my whole P-day because
Elder Minaga was awesome AND we got put in a trio just for today and
trios suck. The day got a bit better when we went over to Mark Kelley’s
house and started talking about Pre-earth life. The idea was brought
up that ‘what if’ before this life we picked our trials, knowing what
we could handle and what we could not, knowing the reward of what
would come if we overcame these trials, knowing the more frequent and
harder our trials are the stronger we would become. Do you think God
gave us these trials? do these trails just come from our agency? or do you think                           God let us choose the trials we will face on this earth? Just something to think about.

Nov 4th
Good to Bad
Beautiful day today. It felt so nice outside and I’m scared that it’s
the last nice day till winter hits. Anyways because it was such a nice
day we helped out this young mom rake her leaves. Her name is Carly
and she doesn’t have a religion but she believes in being spiritual
which is money to my ears because usually the people who say that love
to hear about the plan of salvation. We didn’t have time to teach her
anything but she said she wanted us to come back which is a start.
After that we got to meet Elder Scott’s new companion and his new
car… His car is a crappy red Toyota BUT it was originally owned by
the Pittsford sisters so it smells of perfumes and lotions and the
Elders are obsessed with the smell. Also Elder Scott’s companion is
named Elder Houghton and Elder Houghton was telling me he is from
Idaho and that for work, before he came on his mission, he helped his
dad’s company which was to make mermaid tails for little girls… Yup.
After meeting this new elder and shopping with him for food and stuff
Elder Longhurst and I stopped by Brady’s house and his wife
Bulbaray answered the door. We talked with her and found out Brady
wasn’t home but she seemed interested in learning more about the BOM.
She told us she would start reading it and we were super thrilled.
Bulbaray is the sweetest lady you will ever meet, she seemed golden,
until later that night when we were raking another older lady’s yard
named Majoree and we received a phone call from Brady. Brady seemed
frustrated that we talked to his wife without him there. He told us
that he read the Book of Mormon and didn’t even like it because it
just seemed to be war after war with the Nephites and Lamanites and he
was just being really rude. He told us we shouldn’t stop by his house
again until he called us which we knew never was going to happen. This
phone call in fact was the most depressing phone call I’ve ever
received and it ruined my night.

Nov 5th
Manny => Bert
Started off my morning still thinking of Brady and what he said on the
phone about him reading the Book of Mormon and not liking it which
shocked me because I haven’t met anyone who has read the Book of
Mormon and not like it! This question was quickly answered this
morning in personal studies when I read Mormon 9:7-9 which talks about
how if you read the Book of Mormon but deny the revolutions that come
from it than you won’t understand it, thus not like it. Anyways that
was a cool experience. Later that day we helped a lady in the Spanish
Elders area rake her leaves and her little dog almost bit my hand off
when I went to pet him. I use to love dogs before my mission but now I
hate them because they all try to bite me and jump on me and the worst
part is the owners let them. Anyways after raking leaves for a couple
hours a lady named Claudia gave us a call and asked us to come visit
her in the hospital. Claudia is this young black mother who told us
that a couple of other missionaries gave her our number and a
restoration pamphlet. She told us she read it and she believed in her
heart the story of Joseph Smith to be a true story. Claudia was such a
testimony builder to me because you could tell she was prepared to
hear the gospel and I had almost given up hope in finding prepared
people after Brady. After our visit with Claudia we had dinner and I
decided to make a plate of chocolate strawberries for our investigator
Manny. So we headed over to his house to give it to him and instead of
Manny answering his brother Bert answered. We started talking to Bert
and he invited us inside and we got to meet Bert’s wife and almost 2
year old boy and talk to them for a while. THEN they asked if we
wanted to come over sometime for dinner next week. Sweet. Maybe the
Lord wanted us to meet Manny so that we could meet Bert and his family?
Who knows.


Nov 6th
Life of a Jew
Spent the morning doing service at the Brighton Food Cover and the
lady that is in charge, Este, is obviously a Jew but
we found out today that not only is she a Jew but she is an Orthodox
Jew that is married to a Rabbi. Este is in her late 20’s and has super
long nice silky black hair that we also found out today is a wig
because Jews aren’t suppose to show their real hair but only to their
husband. This totally blew my mind because every Tuesday and Thursday
we do service at the Brighton Food Cover so I’ve gotten to know Este
pretty well and it wasn’t till today that I had the guts to ask her
about her religion. Anyways pretty good ordinary day today. Later that
night we got to visit Takeshi and his daughter who flew in from
Florida to stay with him for a while and she was very nice to us. Oh
also before I forget we were going to have the typical cereal for
dinner tonight until some lady at church that we didn’t know at all
stopped us and asked if she could buy us a pizza. We of course didn’t
refuse and ate well that night. I love being a missionary.

Nov 7th
So apparently since Strong Hospital is in our area anyone that comes
from our area or any area that goes to Strong Hospital and requests a
visit or a priesthood blessing from missionaries we are the Elders that go every
time, so we get called a lot to go here. Anyways I mentioned that
because today we were called to give a priesthood blessing to this old
guy that just had open heart surgery and he was very weak and
terrified. We went up to his room and we were required to wear gloves
and this apron thing, yeah this was serious. It was a cool experience
because apparently when we were giving him the priesthood blessing the
doctor said he looked to be at peace. What terrified eyes I saw before
had now become filled with tears of comfort and love. It really was a
touching experience. Later that night we met up at the church with
this guy named Alighorban. He’s a refugee from Iran that came here to
America about a year ago to find out more about Christianity. I’ll
just start off sayin this guy has lost his marbles a.k.a. He nuts.
We were teaching him the Restoration and about how Joseph Smith
received revelation and all the sudden he kept claiming he was
receiving revelation from God about the weirdest things. There was one
point when he even kissed the Book of Mormon we just gave him and
thanked God for something. Then he was telling us about how the number
5 and 7 are Gods numbers and he see’s them everywhere and something
about how shapes relate to the universe and then somehow it all
relates back to a women’s private part that he wasn’t too shy to tell
us about. You’re probably wondering how I was able to keep a straight
face and stay serious the whole time he was talking about this and
I’ll tell you right now that I was trying SO hard not to burst out in
laughter. Every time I just couldn’t hold it in and I would laugh out
loud he would get really offended. After us failing at trying to
teach him the Restoration we decided that since we were in the church
we might as well him show him around. The first thing we showed him
was the baptismal font and we explained how it’s done and why its done
and he replied back that he felt ready to do it tonight. We were a bit
confused when he said this and then we realized he was serious and we
explained that it takes time but he didn’t understand because he felt
that he was ready right now so we just ended up telling him that we
were too tired to baptize him tonight. We after showed him the chapel
and the first thing he does is count all of the rows of seats in the
chapel and ever seat up on the stand. Then he grabbed a hymn book and
tried singing one of the hymns and he kept making all these weird
whistling noises. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING he ran up to the piano on the
stand and started playing it AND IT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD I was so
confused about this man. Weirdest night of my life.

Nov 8th
Silent but Deadly
Raked leaves pretty much all day today. We went around to all our
investigators and just started raking their leaves, it was great.
After a long day of raking we went to where Yania lives (governmental
housing) and we met some Big Black Mama who claimed God was her
husband and Michael Jackson was the father of her kids. It didn’t make
much sense but neither did what she was wearing. She had on this
blonde wig on that had little fake jewels in it and this bedazzled hot
pink shirt on. She kept repeating that “Virgin Mary was her savior”
and so we just said alright and walked away. Later that night we had a
great meal at our friend Mark Kelly’s house which I ended barfing all
up because on the way home later that night Elder Longhurst ripped the
biggest you know what I’ve ever heard so I took a deep breath so I didn’t have
to smell it but I ended up taking the biggest breath of stinky air which
made immediately made me barf my dinner out the window. So gross. idk why I share this.



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